Overwhelmed by emotion

I'm sitting here today, almost recovered from pneumonia, overwhelmed. Couldn't even say for sure what I'm feeling, but it is consuming me.
I'm worried that my plan to move back home is just part of my emotional instability. I'm conserned because I know that my brother will not be able to manage living here alone without spending money he doesn't have and jeopardizing the home. I feel fairly certain that I'm going to loose the house and everything I own by doing this, but staying would have the same effect.
I'm frightened to ask for help from people because there are few people that are in a position to help, and most of them would have so many conditions that I would be unable to tolerate them. Of my two daughters, the older is in a position to help, but would create an untenable environment for me, and my girl, were we to take her up on it. The younger is in a bad relationship and even if she offerred to help, it would put too much of a strain on her finances.
I'll live in my car before I go to my mother, because her untenable conditions border on abuse. Well, lets face it, they would be abusive, as I am 53 years old and she would treat me like a child - and not a normal child, a really stupid one. Even when I was a child, she was too much to handle.
Well, I really need a place to stay - or at least an address to use - as a base of operation to find a job, an apartment, enroll the girl in school, and start the new life. The dissapointment I feel from dealing with that real estate agent has given me a bad feeling that I cannot shake, but the dissapointment I have in my doctor is overwhelming.