overdid it

Well, yesterday I took the kids to waterworld. It was nice, in the 80's and overcast.  I did great for the first half of the day. I got to walk around the park and go down the waterslides.  Around 2:00 pm My foot started dragging. then the cramping in the foot and calf.  Around 5:00 pm my right hand started to tingle and I had cramping in the hand.  Today my foot feels like a foreign object on the end of my leg. It is just like dead weight.  I forgot my cane at work the other day. I took it cuz I started to have problems the other night. Not sure what the reason was for that...Yesterday  I believe I was in the sun too long and got too much exercise.  I hiked up several hills and walked forever.  After my foot gave out, I just sat in a chair poolside and had the kids go do the slides they wanted.  
I took them because they told me their father always takes his girlfriend's children each year but doesn't take his own kids.  I think that is total crap.  I don't care how bad my walking is or how miserable I may be, I will make sure my kids get to do things.  They come first!