? Out of Gas

Made myself take the hwy. exit, today, to get to the recycling center, but it went ok...roared ahead of the traffic around me, changed lanes and got where I was supposed to be...still, car felt like it was going to fly off and crash...only going 50...Rest of the day, just did chores; after dinner, felt like crap; went to make my bed w/the clean sheets, rested for a sec., then woke up 40 min. later, feeling worse...allergies, cramps (1/2 way thru mo. arrival) & dog tired.  Didn't feel much better after the dog walk...even tea didn't help...Earl Grey always used to help!Didn't have breakfast, lunch or much dinner, so eating dry cake mix, just now--yes, that's right.--and strangely, I feel better...eating slowly, so I can stop when I want w/o feeling quite so horrible and guilty...Mom is hanging in there...just bored w/the house and sad...her lift chair in the living room broke & we all held our breath, while Dad had a look at it....turned out to be a strange piece of plastic that had just deformed...easy fix, as it turned out...what a relief!