Our pets and their role in our lives

I am updating this since Priscilla (Prissy) has gone over to the Rainbow Bridge.  She passed away at home with family in late April.  Her final bout of problems, liver disease finally won, tho our vet tried all he could to help us have her longer in our lives, and she did seem to respond towards the end.  She also battled arthritis to the point she was having trouble walking and could not manuver two stairs to get in and out the house. She was a very special furbaby and she will never be forgotten, for she now resides in a lovely cedar container with her ball sitting on top, that ball is eleven years old, her first puppy toy and she never went anywhere without it.  Towards the end I told hubby we soon had to make the choice to let her go, her time was near and she needed to become a doggy angel to another but she made the choice for us.
All have felt the loss of this girl...CeeCee, our chi is still moping, walking around as if lost, looking for her and now takes to sleeping in Prissy's spot, but she is getting better, they say pets don't know, but I think CeeCee does know, Prissy was her sister, her life time companion.  She has even put on some of the lost weight since we were so involved with Prissy's health and care but she is back on her diet and will once again zip and race in the yard as before. Harley the cat spent the days after looking, sitting on the couch, looking over the edge to see if Prissy will come out so they can play their game.
Cecillia Rose is my heart, she is a standard size chihauhau, had a weight issue (ever see a 21 lb chihauhau LOL), my sis calls it being 'fluffy'. lol. She also has the throat problem, and knee probs chis get...so much for buying pedigrees....but finally with patience I have gotten her down to a nice 13 lbs.  Even the vet was amazed that I finally found the right combination to help her.  Even their "so called diet (and expensive) food didn't work.
She is now nine years old, also shy in her behavior. If you touch her wrong or even if she thinks you are going to touch her wrong she will yelp as if we did something horrible to her. Runs at the slightest indication if she thinks I am going to do her toes, etc....but let a deer, wolf, or skunk come into the yard and she is off in a heart beat chasing, or attempting to chase the critter out of the yard. She refuses to sit with me in my easy chair, since that has been the place I would do toe nails etc..but she will cuddle all night long beside me in the bed, or let me go into the bathroom, she wants to sit on my lap (now that is TMI for ya lol)
She really doesn't play with toys, obeys when it suits her. If we let her out of the fenced section she is on a long rope to wander the yard since she loves to explore. Say the word "go bye bye" and she races thru the house so excited.
is now brings us to Harley, our wild red headed child. He is a cat, going on four years old. Our next door neighbor's cat decided to have children and we ended up with one. Harley took over the house, it became his play room. Even Prissy at first watched over him as a mommy would, would follow him around, washing him....until he got bigger !.
Harley will terrorize the dogs, they are his own play toys, he will jump us in a heart beat, at first we were walking across the floor with a cat attached at the ankles. He is learning to leave CeeCee alone, squirt bottles make great training aids. Prissy can handle her own with him, and when she barks at him, he knows to calm down.
He is a great hunter, starts in one window, sees something and will run thru the mobile home, checking each window to watch what ever critter may be wandering thru. He is able to see around the whole mobile home by this method of patrolling.
He has a favorite toy, a little monkey that now has the fur worn off it, but it is his side kick. He enjoys the pastic balls with the bells in it, and give him a piece of crumpled tin foil and he is in 7th heaven. and the amazing thing, he does not bother the feathered babies we have ...he knows they are part of the pack.
We have Ralph, a parolet who is 4 inches in height, full grown. He is about 7 years old and can a handful and can bite enough to draw blood, but at the same time very affectionate. He has learned "the finger" lol...all I do is point it at him and he will immediately stop all bad behavior.  (well most of the time) He can speak a few words and many nonsense whistles etc...but adorable.....and of course we have added to our crew, the newest baby - Ruthy a young cockatiel....can it be we will have one quiet baby in the house -- NOT, she may not talk but she can fuss up a storm.  She doesn't bite which is good but so far she has presented us with 10 eggs - not enough for a meal and of course they would never hatch since she doesn't have a mate.
...somewhere there is also a hubby among this crew of ours lol



What a precious family life you have.You made me smile reading about the indiocyncracies of your pets & how they enrich yours & your hubby\'s days. Who needs cable tv when you have all that daily entertainment?! I have never met anyone whose pet bird laid one egg,not to mention ten! Thanks for sharing your pets.Hugs to all

thank you, they are a wild crew. With hubby being home all the time, they do keep him busy lol. I can\'t picture my life without a pet