Our Journey

Jim was running on the beach the end of March 2008, he had extreme chest pain and
came home, after eating dinner he began to vomit and could not swallow. He went to
an ENT and was told he needed to see a GI asap but wasn't told why. The GI told him
it was a 70% chance he had esophageal cancer, we had never heard of it. An endoscopy
was scheduled the following week and confirmed it was cancer. His tumor was at the 
stomach/esophagus junction. We then needed to find a Oncologist which we did and
he confirmed gave us the sad news that it was stage IVb terminal and maybe 6 months.
We then wanted a second opinion and headed to Mayo with the same diagnosis. We were
very fortunate to get into MD Anderson Houston and the 3rd opinion was the same, however Dr Ajani did give us some hope and came up with a Chemo cocktail that 
Jim started April 28, 2008 my 46th birthday so I will never forget it. He would get 
chemo for approx. 6 hours infused and also took a pills, I have all the records and drugs
in a file I could look up. 



You and Jim were a beautiful couple...and still are. I\'m so sorry you lost him at such a young age. Take good care, Ann