Our Inner Child

We all have one, is there a time that you allow the inner child to come out, to enjoy a snowball fight, just act silly without even caring who sees you, what they may think?
I tend to now keep my inner child inside, safely tucked away into the dark recesses of my mind. Not sure why, guess it my way of protection, for fear of getting hurt. Tho by now, going thru all I have in life, I should be use to that.
The logical woman will always win out with me. I have been accused of being too logical for a woman, women are not to rule with their minds, they are not to think things through each and every step, but their hearts. I think everything out, if it doesn't make sense I don't understand why people do what they do. I see many things in black and white, no gray is allowed with some things.
One I work with was complaining the police stopped her for rolling thru a stop sign, she could not understand why, after all no one was coming...My mouth says because the sign says stop, it is the law and if you hadn't broken it, he would not have stopped you....plain and simple. I got the blank stare, but hey she is young, she will learn.
I even have ideas of how people should conduct themselves in a public setting versus a home/private setting..Not sure where I even got the ideas, but to me, it is just logical.
But the inner child has been sneaking out and not even asking over the years, caught her once sledding down the hill, she at least could have helped me pick up my body from the snow, but no, she just said 'lets do it again' and down the hill she went. She has been caught crawling on the floor with the grand nephews playing with trucks. When it comes to the kiddies and furbabies she tends to pop out shortly, to quickly retreat back.
Do you know years ago she would came out more often,and was caught outside late at night having a squirt gun battle with her sister, bro in law and of course her hubby, surprised the neighborhood did not call for the police to come and get them. Of course the logical woman had to listen to neighbors "saw you all outside, drinking were we?" Nope sober as can be.
She was known to have water/food fights with the hubby in the house, but then the neighbors could not see those, never to hear about them, people just don't do those things.
But over the years, the inner child did not come out as much, things in life happened, too serious to allow the inner child to control. "Must act my age" etc.
And now that there are no children in the house, the inner child in me is beginning to emerge once again, of course where people do not see...she is even letting work see her some...new phone system installed, has a paging system, others were playing, no bosses around, well naturally the inner child looked at that feature, logical woman, says no don't do it....sure enough my inner child hit the all page button and announced
"attention K-mart shoppers" ...................