Our hard times

The nation's hard times have now caught up with us. Odd that this follows happier times - being on a paid 7 day Mexican cruise with my wealthy parents. Several things happened since then. Within a week I lost my fulltime job due to lack of funds. They have been unable to get me in to anything but some weekend jobs. So my income is down to a third. Not only that, my bank reduced my HELOC from 150 grand to almost down to my current balance. I never did believe mt house was my ATM but this is ridiculous. I visited my dentist recently for a checkup since my insurance pays for it. I had no pain at all going in but a lot of pain when I left. Not pain in my teeth but a huge cavity they said they found in the roots would require nearly 2000 bucks worth of work. I declined. I called my mom later and to my surprise offered to send me 2 grand. Whenever i get the money I will re-instate the treatment, cause, what if the guy is right? Otherwise I have no money for unnecessary  dental treatment.I am trying to survive by applying everywhere for work and signed up for two businesses and am pestering my boss for more work. Anything.My 21 year old son has left home and is hanging out with his friend. I really hope he goes back up North where my siblings are and can help him get his GED. We feel bad cause he has not chosen the path we had for him and can no longer help him cause right now we are the financial basket