Osmotic diarrhea

I FINALLY got my results back from my 24hr stool study!!!  They found that I have Osmotic diarrhea.  Osmotic diarrhea occurs when too much water is drawn into the bowels.  So the doctor wants me to go back on the Questrin and stick to a bland diet for quite awhile...until my intestined are healed.  I'm glad to have some explaination.  I hope that getting back on the Questrin will give me more energy.  I was literally dilerious last night after finishing my 3rd day back to work.  I was too physically exausted to even take care of my kids.  I'm off for 4 days thank goodness!  I also made a pretty big mistake last night...I'm going to blame in on being SO tired.  I sat down with a quart of soy icecream (hey, atleast it was soy!) and ate the entire thing!!!  Unbelievable!  It just felt so good...for a little awile.  I have been SO nausiated lately and it was really hitting the spot.  I'm really beating myself up bacause I know sugar, especially in large quanities, is bad for my poor intestines.  Hmmm.  My plan is to purchase single servings of soy icecream...I wonder if there is soy icecream with natural sweetners like honey?  I have to have my icecream!  Even though I never really figured out how sensitive I am to dairy or gluten, I'm trying to stay clear of them as much as possible.  I'm still eating cheese, though.  I really had no relief from eliminating ether, I'm assuming because I have the Osmotic diarrhea and nothing I ate settled okay.  I just bought a bunch of gluten free frozen meals from Whole Foods.  I hope those are okay.  They're flippin expensive!  Well, there's my update.  Today I will do my best to eat bland without consuming entire quarts of icecream.