Orlando...Not Florida

So I finally decided what I'm doing for Dr. Q's final paper...sorta. I'm going to write about Virginia Woolf's Orlando. I like the book a lot. I think it's the best, most accessible book we've had for his class. I did really enjoy one of the other books but it's massively unwieldy. My brain almost exploded trying to get through all the historical stuff. It was fascinating but trying to work out a paper topic would be really hard.
I'm doing okay in my other classes. I've little more than a week to write my paper for American Lit. I'm not panicking yet, but it's a near thing. Dr. C's class is going alright too. She's very demanding but in a good way. I'm learning so much and her classes are like sitting in the middle of an encyclopaedia.
Okay gonna go read Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses for Dr. Q's class...I'm behind (again, big surprise) and the books is MASSIVE! I think I remember reading it as an undergrad, but my memories from that time in my life are really fuzzed. I did read Midnight's Children and loved it so if I can get into Satanic Verses I think I'll like it. I just have to worry about actually understanding it.