Optimize Business Environment By Full Release Of Policy Dividends

The reporter learned from the national tax work conference held in January 17th. In recent years, the tax department has implemented the preferential tax policies issued by the State, and has fully released the bonus of the tax reduction policy. Since the implementation of the business tax reform VAT in 2012, the total tax reduction has been nearly 2 trillion yuan. Last year, the tax discount policy of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" was over 500 billion yuan. Among them, the small profit enterprises that meet the conditions are reduced by half of the income tax of the enterprises. Small and micro enterprises with monthly sales volume of less than 30,000 yuan are exempt from VAT.

Tax incentives to support the development of small and micro enterprises were more than 160 billion yuan, which benefited more than 36 million taxpayers, these tax incentives to support the development of small and micro businesses exceeded 160 billion yuan, benefiting more than 36 million taxpayers. High and new technology enterprise pay income tax at a reduced rate of 15%, and promote the healthy development of the software industry, support the development of the integrated circuit industry, and reduce the tax incentives for value-added tax, enterprise income tax and other tax incentives by more than 240 billion yuan. Accelerated depreciation of fixed assets and reduced enterprise income tax of 13 billion yuan; The tax deduction for research and development expenses will exceed 100 billion yuan, and the tax reduction effect will be further expanded BC-partner.

According to the introduction, in 2018, the tax system will continue to implement the "four resolute" work requirements for tax collection, tax reduction, and resolutely combating tax fraud, and give full play to the data superiority of the third phase of the golden tax, and strengthen the analysis and monitoring of the whole process of the organization's income, and set up an index system to reflect the quality of economic development from the perspective of tax, and put forward the advice of the tax department in time.

At the same time, the tax system will also deepen the reform of the levy and management system this year, and continue to implement the 30 measures to optimize the tax environment, so as to make every effort to optimize the tax and business environment. We will continue to promote the facilitation of tax, and compile a list of the "most run one time" and "online run" list of tax matters. We will continue to clean up the tax information required by taxpayers, upgrade the online tax service office, and further strengthen the cooperation on national tax and land tax.