Online Again

Tuesday, September 16, 2008. I have not been online for a few days because I have been having problems with my computer.  The husband of one of my nieces came to fix it yesterday, but ran into a few unexpected problems.  It now seems that the computer needs more extensive work than we had originally thought.  He is due back either later today or sometime on Thursday.  I hope this extra work will not mean an additional amount of money.   Today I went in for some physical therapy, which was good because my back was hurting a lot.  I had some traction on my back, which helped a bit, but it was not as good as the normal pool therapy.  My therapist was unable to fit me in for another day during this week, so I will not get any more therapy until next Tuesday.  To make matters worse, I will not even get the pool therapy until next Thursday.  After that, I am not sure when she will see me next.  It may be that I will have to get another prescription from my doctor.   This morning I received a phone call from one of my former CNA's who has been trying to get me to go back to one of the other home health care agencies, where I used to be.  I think he has made some progress with the company itself to expedite that.  I was not able to talk with him, in any length, but said that I would call back later in the day.   In just under an hour, I am scheduled to renew my lease on this apartment.  Getting that completed, will reduce some additional stress that his been on my shoulders lately.   Quote for Today: “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.” -- Theodor Seuss Geisel



Sorry about the computer... I hope it\'s not complicated to fix. Did you ever look into getting a copy of SpinRite? That can help diagnose or fix some things.

Happy Lease Renewing? LOL!

I hope whatever therapy you do get, helps you. I did my exercises today like a good little Weeble... I think I overdid.

Hugs and Mojo to you

I hope your Weeble exercises help you a lot. I wouldn\'t like to see this Weeble go wobbling down the street.

Have not gotten the Spin Rite yet, but did see the video. It\'s all Greek to me. lol

Computers are wonderful, but they can also be quite annoying.
I hope your doctor gives you the scrip for more pool therapy.
You have gotten a lot out of it already, more would be great.
I am surprised you do not have a copy of SpinRite, as your friend mentioned above. I have never heard of it, though.
Still, it always surprises me that you are not a super geek computer techie.
You are so talented in so many areas...guess I assumed you were a pc whiz, too.
I hope your niece\'s husband is able to resolve your computer problems easily and completely. Having computer issues is a pain.
Good to know you will be renewing your lease.
it is always good to know where you will be hanging out.

Quote for this entry is spectacular.

Computers are nearly impossible to keep up to date with but well worth it.

This CNA sounds like he sees how amazing you are. Woohoo!