One of those things

You know that saying that the best laid plans....  well we ended up getting lost on our way to Bull Run.   There aren't a lot of signs directing you to the place.  Plus no one bothered to check the hours they were open and print out directions.  My friend does have GPS in the car but decided not to use it.    I met up with her at her house then we drove over to her friend's home to pick her up and then drove out to pick up my friend's husband from work.  SO all of that during rush hour took time.  Then we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  I'd never been to one before.    Well I picked out their Buttermilk oven fried chicken, my friend ordered the same thing.     It took a lot longer for it to be made,  the waitress came over and said they ran out of it and only had one of the chicken and my friend said she'd switch her order. PS it took a lot longer.   And when the waitress came back to ask us how our meals were i wasn't going to lie and say it was good.  Cause it wasn't.  It was dry.  The broccoli I had with it was on the cold side.    
When we got the checks they  gave us our meals for free, we just paid for dessert.   SO we didn't get out of there until around 8 and by the time we DID find our way to Bull Run it was closed.   SO we decided we're going to try for Mon.
This time with directions. 
during the week they give a discount on admission, they charge by the car load. 
SO stay tuned for photos next week. 
Happy holidays to you all 



hi Lily! :) awww! i am so sorry to hear you all didn\'t get to to go the bull run lights display. i hope you all will get to go very soon to see the lights. i know you were looking forward to seeing the lights. i\'m thankful you all were able to get some free meals, plus had a nice dessert :) it\'s awful when plans don\'t go as they were planned, i understand. it can be disappointing. You handled it well, and i know you all will be able to go soon, to see the lights, plus it will be great, that you all get a discount too :) we\'re hoping to see the lights in our city soon, we may on sunday evening :) i\'d love to view your new pictures, when you all go :) i\'ll take pictures of the Christmas lights too :) it\'ll be so nice :) i hope you al are having a peaceful friday :) it\'s sunny today, i brewed some coffee, and made an iced coffee :) gearing up, for the big weekend, Christmas preparations, and going to visit my grandma on sunday :) keep strong, and continue to take good care :) We send our love, and our warmest friendship hugs :) Happy Christmas week :)