One More Week...

One more week and I will have finished my C25K! I did my 2.75 mile walk today, albeit with a couple stops here and there to rest and drink some Gatorade (it's hard to drink and walk at the same time for me). I sat down twice, but I'm determined when I do my 5K next week to do it without sitting down. I sat for less than a minute each time. I'm working on getting stronger! I also have to go to see the guy for volunteering on Monday morning, so I have to get to bed early tonight so I can try and wake up early tomorrow. Geo has to go get his cholesterol checked again on Monday so we can wake up and get it done when I get back from seeing the volunteer guy, that or depending on how early I wake up we can do it beforehand. I think I'm going to shoot for Geo getting it done first, that way I get a ride to the clinic. It's close, but I don't like showing up there all sweaty. I will do my walk when I'm done (Monday I do 40 minutes, any distance and Wednesday I do 30 mins, then Friday I do my 5K) so I will bring my backpack with some food and clothes to change into in it. 
Today I was kinda paranoid again for some unknown reason. I woke up not feeling well mentally and let Geo go over his dad's to check on the dogs by himself. When he didn't show up for an hour later, I called his cell phone worried about him. I didn't know if something bad had happened to him, I was running through every paranoid thought in my head that could have possibly happened (car accident, even thinking he got mad and killed himself) and just not well. When Geo got home, I decided I really needed to go for my walk and I did, and I felt better when it was done. I actually felt better about a half mile into it, but I was going for the whole 2.75 miles, so I was going for it all. I don't know what brought on the paranoia... I am kinda on my period which sometimes makes me paranoid, but it's really light so I thought that the mood swings would be light too. Sorry again for the TMI, but it's just part of what is going on with me. 
I got a lot of sleep today... I got about 11 hours last night and a late nap today (3 hours). Ann, I know you were wondering, I have always needed a lot of sleep. When I was a kid, I needed about 10 hours, and it hasn't changed much since. I get times (like when I'm in the hospital or something has changed drastically) where I don't need as much sleep for a short time, but then I go back and sleep for a ton after that. Sometimes when I go to LA I get like that, or with my mom. I call it "hospital mode" since it happens mostly when I'm in the hospital. I think it's the drastic change in my environment that makes it happen. I feel okay for the first couple days, and then I start feeling it more and more as time goes on. Also, not getting enough sleep can cause me to go hypomanic or manic and kick in the bipolar part of my disorders. So sleep is something very important to me, and that's why I sleep so much and track how much I sleep every day. I know BlueToes said I feel like crap when I get more than 10 hours of sleep, but I get that every day lol. When I get less than 10 hours and feel good is when I need to take note that I'm possibly going hypomanic.
Food today- I'm under on my calories. I thought that having a Checkerburger would put me over the calories I needed for the day, but it didn't. I'm still kinda hungry, so I might go eat some more salad. It seems that all I have been eating is salad, but I'm liking it so I don't see it as a problem. Although I think a day of underindulgence is okay after the days of overindulgence I've had. I weigh tomorrow, and I expect to be up. I don't know by how much, but we will see. I will be disappointed, but it's to be expected with how badly I've been eating lately. Having a car is killer on the diet I've found out, since we can go at the drop of a hat and get whatever bad food we want and not have to walk anywhere. I was stressed today, as evident by the paranoia attack. I tried relaxing, but I needed to go for my walk to really get it under control and feel better.