One less "thing" to deal with.

Yesterday was a big day for me. That marked five weeks post surgery! I went in to see my surgeon and he says everything is going very well. When your surgeon smiles and literally gives you the "two thumbs up", it's a good day! As a reward he pulled the feeding tube. Whew! Glad that's ut now and glad that procedure is done. Yes, it hurt, but only briefly. Less discomfort now than when I had it in. I had frequent sharp spasms in that are that seem to be much better now.
Now, my challenge is to try to replace those 720 calories the feedings provided. OMG. And the fluid. Wait---let me get a sip of water---OK. Well, off to go eat again. Running out of ideas...(I never thought that would be a problem.)




I\'m very happy to hear the news. :)

I just had my tube taken out almost 2 weeks ago and I have been supplementing my calories since.

I found a weight gainer that is clean and easy on my stomach. It does contain a little bit of yohimbe bark, which is different than yohimbine (which I cannot tolerate), but I am tolerating this by taking half a scoop or sipping on a bottle containing the whole scoop. It has 540 calories per scoop. It\'s called RUSSIAN BEAR and I can only find it at the Vitamin Shoppe or online. The Vitamin Shoppe employee that helped me out, said that they recommend it to cancer patients and post surgeries like we had. I just wanted to share that with you.


It was a real gift to me getting that feeding tube out! My feeding tube was put in 8/13/08 (a week before treatment began) & removed 12/22/08 - Merry Christmas :-)

I didn\'t like the tube, but understand them wanting me to have it. Right after surgery, (once they connected it) it was used 24/7 at the hospital. I always felt that was part of what helped my speedy release from the hospital (8 days after surgery).

There was just something about me seeing something stitched to my skin that was yuckie! Even with the feeding tube I lost 75 lbs, so without it, I\'m sure I probably would have been in even more danger.

Sounds like you are both doing great & working at getting that calorie intake where it needs to be. I have been using an awesome program if you haven\'t heard of it - it\'s a great program you can use on your Smart Phone or the computer - that helps with calorie count & nutritional information. Wishing you both the best! Brenda

OMG, that\'s exactly what I\'ve been using. It\'s an incredibly good app!!!