One down and one to go.....

I'm glad we had a good response to our presentation because we have to do the second one on Wednesday at the Catholic School.  Father Tom was at the first one and now seems very excited for us to present to their school.  In fact, he seemed to have jumped into high gear - announcing it at every mass, inviting all the clergy from the other churches, and sending home announcements to the public school kids who attend classes there.  So - maybe and hopefully we'll have more people there.   Tomorrow my husband and I have our coed soccer tournament we play at with our team every year.  It is sooo much fun!  Lots of running and playing around....... looking forward to it! 



Really good to hear you\'re presenting again at the Catholic school. Every child, parent and friend needs to know this! Good luck with your presentation.

Have a great time playing in the tournament!! It does sound like alot of fun for you!!!!