Once Upon A time.

Ever heard of The Guild? It’s a Youtube show that’s logged a zillion or so hits. It’s a reality show about this group of folks addicted to gaming on the internet…many individual realities in a group fantasy. Whoa...someone's at the door. OK, I'm back...type of thing.  Another addiction, another therapy? A little of both?  
Fantasy...'excuse me a sec...email…coming in, visitor at my castle in Second Life...OK, where was I? Oh,  yeah...is fantasy somehow a reality of the mind...not the invention in fantasy but the process in the brain system of doing so?  The cast of  'The Guild' present some 'funny' revelations of this; both invention and process.
So, ‘how well do I’ blend my inner life with the necessity of going to the market?  Do my obsessions, addictions interfere with answering the door, my weight getting to a certain number on the scale? The operative words, “how well do I, in fantasy,  can make me a Superman or Wonder Woman, until it's time to meet the other word group (‘how do I actually do...in reality? )  
What of those self demeaning inner paths that lead me to the lower strata, the fetal position, the subconscious womb, limbo, the primitive mist, the psychic cave to hibernate, where if I was lucky, I'd still retain the ability to pray that spring will come. How well then does the process of fantasy play a role in bringing me back to the surface, to conscious reality and lastly, do I even want to do that for fear of the possibility of pain?  Better perhaps to stay at the keyboard in virtual control of my comfort, my eyes, my mind and the computer screen. 
The Guild show demonstrates the crossing of that line, when fantasy becomes an instrument of survival. Our desperate needs for story, for myth to create or attempt to recreate ourselves and so respond to the reality of change and all it brings with it, 'the good, the bad and the ugly' are balanced by that network of mechanisms found in the action of the cognitive process, fantasy immersed in truth or the other way around...truth immersed in fantasy. 
In the Guild the character's limitations meet possibilities that in the light of day crumble into that greater truth, one that is the basis of all life...real interaction. Still the virtual world is of invention and as such...progress over one thing or another, perhaps within one person or another...perhaps, over the course of time the energy of spirit, in fantasy. in imagining possibilities allows hope to exists in a reality all its own, like Superman or Wonder Woman, invulnerable to either gravitational pull, hope, like faith, remains a truth all its own.