On to Day #3

It was such a battle to overcome a difficult day 2 and be 100% honest.  It was not because I had evil intentions to do so...but the lying has become so protective to me and I am not sure what I am protecting myself from.  It is a habitual response now and I have to be careful with each word I speak. 

My family and I are traveling to get away from the normal to work things out.  To escape what is comfortable which has put us in a car together for 6 hours yesterday and it was hard.  

I am in a place where if I am quiet and take the time to respond, which I need to do to ensure I self think and not react with a lie, they think I am just formulating my next dishonest moment.

i will say, being honest is scary and I just am so fearful over the response of others and how I will feel inside being so vulnerable.



It's hard for me to be around my wife and others I lied even though they did nothing wrong. You are definitely not evil if you're seeking to change these lying habits. Feel like I don't know myself right now as I'm making progress with being honest but I have to see the little victories and build on those as this change continues.