On the upswing

I started feeling better yesterday and am fairly encouraged today.  It was discouraging when I saw both my therapist then my psychiatrist today and theyboth don't seem to understand why my anxiety is so high.  But, that's okay - I'm learning to cope with it.
I got my room mostly cleaned yesterday.  I can work on it more later in the week. I like having a clear floor - really makes me feel better.  And I'm back into yoga now that there's a big enough space on the floor to stretch out on!
I told my therapist I've decided to switch to someone else.  I've already had one session with the new one just to meet her.  I want to make a smooth transition.  Then I'm going back to MA in July, and will be back here in August and hopefully will find me some piano students!!!  And maybe get disability??? I know - if I need disability, then how can I teach?  Well I can handle 1 maybe 2 hours a day 3 days a week, but that ain't enough to live on!! 



You sound like you are making some good decisions, and making progress. I hope the piano students work out. I had a mercy flute student the last 2 years. She couldn\'t fit band in her school schedule, so I gave her lessons for a small amount. I actually enjoyed teaching, but I would get anxious, for unknown reasons. She improved a lot, so I guess I did fairly well. If I was there, I would take piano from you. I took for a few years, but have little talent. I guess I will stick to the flute.