On the Train again

Today I've been traveling all day, from my house to my mom's. To get to my mom's, I have to take the bus for an hour, to a train for 45 minutes, then walk to the Amtrak station and get on that train. It takes me 9.5 hours to get to my mom's stop, then it's a 45 minute drive to where she lives. It's one heck of a travel day, all within Florida. It would take about 6 hours by car, but when you don't have a car and can't drive, you have to get what you can. My mom bought the tickets for me, so I was lucky in that respect. I wouldn't have been able to afford them on my own. I wanted to come surprise her for Christmas, but she knows that I'm coming. I wish I could have just rang the bell on her doorstep and said I was there with her not expecting me. I want to do that to her one year when I have the money. I know she would love it.
So far today has been good... I've traveled across half the state already and I'm getting ready to hit the end of my trip. I have a little over 2 and a half hours to go on the train. I consider that good, since I've been on the train since noon and it's 6:40 now. I woke up in time to catch the train... I slept through my alarm because I was so tire, but manged to still get out of the house on time. I may have forgotten some things, but it's okay. I just want to be at my mom's already so I can go to sleep. I have trouble sleeping in public places. It's just something I've never been comfortable with. I have enough problems sleeping already, the last thing I need to do is add on something else that I can't stand. I could have taken some klonopin to knock myself out, but I didn't want to do that. I'm trying to avoid taking klonopin unless I really need it. I got some good sleep last night, so I don't need to worry about sleep today. I know I can just sleep in tomorrow.
I wonder what we are going to do tomorrow. I think my mom has the day off, so it would be nice if we could spend the day together. I don't know if her husband has the day off as well. I know my mom has to work this weekend since it's the weekend of Christmas and she works as a contractor for J.C. Penny's and so they need her in the store on Christmas eve to take care of the customers. I hope she doesn't have to work late. I would like to spend some time with her on Christmas Eve. I wonder what Geo's going to be doing. Normally we go over to his mom's on Christmas eve, but I don't think he's going there this year. I know he's going to his dad's for Christmas and he's excited about that. He got some nice gifts for his brother and sister.
Mood today was good... I've been traveling all day but I'm not letting it stress me out. I left early enough to catch the bus that's not crowded, then I got to the Amtrak station well before the train was supposed to leave. Now it's just stay on the train until I get to my station. I forgot my MP3 player with my headphones, so I can't listen to music while I'm on the train. That's okay, though. I might stop by a dollar store and pick up a cheap pair for me to use when I'm going home. I love my music. I've been reading a book on my computer as well today... I haven't done that in forever. Just trying to do whatever I can to kill time until I get to my mom's. I know I'm going to be subject to a ton of Christmas music, so I want my own music on the way home. Normally I don't like Christmas music, but it's been growing on me these past couple of years. I think it's because it makes me think of the good times I used to have with my family instead of the bad that I'm used to. I used to hate Christmas music because I didn't have many good Christmases growing up, so I wasn't looking to be reminded of that. Now I just think of the good times we had, and I try and see the past through rose colored glasses. It's hard, with all that I've been through, but I know I can do it.
Food today was okay... I had my regular chicken for breakfast, a yogurt and some baby carrots with ranch for lunch, and so far dinner/snack was a cup of ramen. I know I'm under my calories, but I'm going to be eating good food for a while now so I'm not too worried about it. I'm trying to make this a stress free holiday. I know I'm going to have to do chores when I'm at my mom's, like the dishes, but I know that I can handle that. It sucks that I'm a guest and I have to do chores, but if I don't do the dishes then my mom's mother in law will, and it will hurt her. So it's just better for me to do the dishes on my own.  



That is a long, long travel day for you! I get so worn down when I have to stay put so long in one place. I would be lost too without my mp3 player and my music. I also have some audio books on mine to listen to when exercising.
Enjoy your visit...and your Mom will appreciate the help with the dishes and and anything else you can do for her.

wow thats a long trip to see mom but a well worth it one at that. and you are almost there.. i would travel that far to see family for the holidays also. thats what they are all about. i am sure you will have a great time. enjoy and merry christmas to you and your family.