On the Road Again

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. That's the way it's been. Good thing I'm a patient person and doing ok without the surgery. We're finally back on track and (hopefully) only have 1 more set of hoops to jump through.

The hang-up this time was my insurance. Yes, I have approval however I work for CHS and my doctor works at Rockwood Clinic. They had their bariatric surgical center set up at Sacred Heart which is our rival hospital and not covered by my insurance without very heavy monetary penalties. Penalties I can't afford. So...yes, they'd cover a portion but I still couldn't afford the surgery.

Next bit in the ever-evolving story: Rockwood Clinic gets bought out by CHS. Now we're all in the same system and under the same insurance plan - wahoo! - but we still have the problem of the surgical center. Neither of the CHS hospitals have a bariatric surgical suite set-up to do the surgeries and until that occurs they still have to do surgery at Sacred Heart and it still isn't covered by my insurance. Going forward :), put on hold :(, going forward :), put on hold :(.

I got word last week that they're almost finished with the surgical suite at Deaconess and will soon be ready to start doing the bariatric surgeries there. After almost 2 years of looking into bariatric surgery, unbelievable hoops to jump through, surviving the loss of my husband along the way, I may actually get to finish the journey.

I go in for the last of the pre-op testing on November 1st: Gallbladder ultrasound, lab work, chest x-ray and cardiology work-up. Barring any problems with that I'll get scheduled for dietary consult and begin a month of dietary preparation...right over the holidays oh joy!

I am so ready for this though. I am having unbelievable hip and back pain I know has to do with the weight I'm carrying. I work 12-15 hours/day and have to eat Ibuprofen like candy to make it through. I've started working out at the gym and that is helping but I still struggle just getting up and down stairs.