on my way to the court case

well i just got an email from an attorney who told me what to expect when i go to court im nervouse lol.he helped me the best he could i have faith that my day in court will go very well. i just have to collect all of the right evidnce. and find a wittness lolim nervous but getting that email made me feel good.i started feeing bad yesterday bc ppl dont really belive that i can win my case, and some time ppl are like 'i dunno, its the police" that makes me feel kind of bad bc im an amercian. in amercia we are suppossed to have justice for all. what was done to me was unjust in every way.its just i started to feel like I CAN SUE and then ppl tell me "you cant sue" or like they are telling me in a nice way im right to ue but i wont win. it just mkes me frustraited as an amercian bc we are taught "justice for all" why woudnt they belive it them  slevs.... well i actually know why. but i just want to be heard. i feel that if im heard i will win. lol that made me smile to type that lol. well i dont know how i feel today i feel happy that the court date is coming up i feel nervous that its coming up i feel confused too lolyesterday i went to the studio t reord a new song called Damadged. its about what happened to me. i really sang from my heart i think i will leave the song with only me nd the piano. my voice could have sounded better but i going to leave it. but honestly i could sing that song a million times with the same amount of feeling.*sigh*well i guess i fe ok today. but it cn only get better right?  belive it can i just do. i just know that i will i know that i can but nobody else belives me. i can fight thm the were wrong for what they did to me. and the judge can see that! and i can win my case!*sigh*lolman, why do ppl keep telling me i cant why? i just dont understand why.anywayz i think if i keep tping i will keep witing the sae thing over again. lolthanks for listening!