OMG A Puppy in the house!

It has been so long since we had a baby in the house, we forgot what it was like! After Prissy went on to Rainbow Bridge, we felt the emptiness.  Jim seemed to suffer the most, he went into depression, which he is prone to with the heart disease, he had a hole in his heart as he said.  But he kept saying "no more, can't handle getting another puppy/dog, can't go thru this again losing another".  Deep down I thought maybe one day he might change his mind.
But the one day came about a month later, he saw an ad in the paper, he emailed the lady who had puppies, cockers, his favorite dog.  He recieved pictures, he talked to her on the phone.  One day after I had spent the day in the gardens, covered with dirt, he says "want to take a ride, just go see the puppies, not that I am thinking of getting one, just want to see them, ok ?"  I knew better, I just smiled at my grumpy old man, grabbed the check book, car keys, and CeeCee, (after all she had a vote in this, I wanted to make sure she 'liked' one she liked also) and off we went.
Couple hours later we are home with this 3 month old adorable, and so loveable little girl.  Jim named her Abigale Priscilla, which is just the reverse name of Prissy..We call this new gal Abby.
Her first night home was good, did discover of course not potty trained, she was raised outside in a kennel so she had no indoor training. She fit in well, Jim smiled for the first time in a month, CeeCee just looked as if to say "what we are keeping this baby, are you sure?" and the cat stayed hidden, didn't check out this new thing in his territory.
The next day began the fun and realization of how wild puppies can be!  She would suddenly run from one end of the mobile home to the other, back and forth.  We put her outside and she ran the whole fenced section of the yard, she made you dizzy and tired just watching this little body of energy.  Good thing we had toys still for her to play, every one of the toys out on the floor, squeeking constantly, running and jumping up on the furniture, just so full of life and such a happy little puppy or either she was the tazmanian devil. She napped for about 2 minutes and off again she would go!.
Suddenly she discovered the cat !.. Harley had come out of his hiding spot to check out the commotion, well he was fair game to Abby. Into a tussel they got, Harley seemed very happy we finally got him a live play toy, he could not play with the other two and we figured let them go at it, let them both learn and of course not hurt each other.  This interaction went on for about 1/2 hour...ripping and racing thru the house.  Jim going "what have we done LOL"
Well now it is 3 months later, CeeCee has adjusted to another sister, they lay together at night on the bed, Abby has learned not to lay in CeeCee's spot, and they are in cahoots with each other when they know it is bye bye time, running back and forth waiting for the leashes to go on. 
Harley and Abby are the best of buds, Harley lets Abby grab his collar and yank him around and he has yet to scratch Abby or make her yelp, he is very gentle with her which is actually amazing.
Now Abby has adjusted very well into our household.  She is such a loveable puppy, wants to please, tries hard, she is so full of herself and energy I don't think she knows how to be calm.  Jim laughs every day with her, a good thing for him, he still misses Prissy and will always, but Prissy and Abby are so different in many ways.
She of course took very well to house breaking and has learned to ring the bells that hang by the door to go outside, of course at first she found them to be so much fun to ring and watch daddy get up to let her out a million times.  She is responding to commands and has learned to "chill out" when I once hollered it at her when she was ripping and racing.  She suddenly stopped and dropped and rolled on her back, feet up in the air now I say it in a gentlier voice, but firm and when she does it, she gets a belly rub.
Still a wild child? of course, and I gather she always will be so full of life...she is what we needed in our docile little home, she was sent to us to keep us young and happy......either that tired and crazy lol.



Abby is so cute! Congratulations on your new fur baby!

Love & hugs,

I enjoyed your well written entry, and read every bit of it. It put a smile on my face. I am happy for you guys that you found your little bundle of love.

Also, regarding her reminds me of my friend. Her husband mourned the loss of their \"Sissy,\" (lost at 18 years of age) and \"Minnie\" (lost to a chicken bone at two years of age) that they got another Min-Pin puppy right away. The point is, they named her \"Missy,\" combining Sissy and Minnie. It was similar to what your husband did, reversing \"Prissilla Abigail\" so I thought you might enjoy that little tidbit.

At any rate, enjoy you \"baby.\" They sure do bring joy into our lives. :-)

yes they do

We have enjoyed having this bundle in our life that we added a new little guy! Maxwell, a wild tiny little cockapoo!!!