Well, moving right along.  Get this, life is just one big TA-DA if you look for it. Was praying (ok more like complaining) and told God that I knew I was supposed to take these school courses but I have no $$ and since it was a certificate/diploma program, grants won't touch it.  Never tell God, it's impossible. ROFLOL  (1) Get letter from school stating that they have updated program and now you can get a DEGREE and grants do pay for that.  (2) Called the school and my credits from my former college days will transfer MOSTLY and YES I CAN GET GRANT FUNDING.  Ok, so now I am out of excuses, eh? ROFLOL Next, God really came thru giving me the desires of my heart.  I've said all my life if I could earn some money, not millions mind you, I'd earn it doing artwork.  Well, now that I DESPERATELY NEED $$ for medical expenses, I've been looking for a PT job that I could possibly do.  All doors seemed closed.  Pray and leave it to God which I should've done in the FIRST PLACE!.  LO AND BEHOLD, what falls literally into my lap..... yep, folks wanting me to do some artwork.  Now, I just need $300-$400 to help cover med expenses and you all know that drill.   I am shocked, amazed and grateful.  Man, I am so blessed.  In pain with hip/back out (God's been telling me it's time to quit the babysitting gig as I am to GO TO SCHOOL) but being LD (legalistically detailed) I didn't listen.  My dear Peeps, if you don't listen when God nudges, He will use a brick.  OK, so back/hip out, school funding set, and artwork to do, yep, I AM LISTENING AND OBEYING A.S.A.P !! Love & hugs to all!