Oh, Oh..

I'm still struggling to keep my job.  I have a new problem, I keep forgetting to take my diabetes 2, high blood pressure medication.  My feet/ankles have been swelling again and I noticed that they are discolored around the upper foot ankle area.  I had a redness around some small sores on my lower legs which I have been putting antiobiotic ointment on and hope they will get better.  I haven't been elevating my feet at night and I haven't been changing my stocking everyday.  I'm like a little kid, without my mother around I just don't tend to things I should.  I am supposted to get the check from my mom's life insurance soon, it probably won't be much.  The insurance people put me through hell about providing a copy of my mom's divorce decree, I told them that I have never met my father and had no way of finding this document since you have to know what county it was filed in - you would think it was for a million dollars which I'm sure it's not.