Oh Well

Well it has been a week since I made into onederland and no change this week.  I think I am on my cycle because I have some pimples on my face gross at my age.  Had a very busy week with some play dates with Jada and lots of sun time too.  I can't believe it is almost time to give her back to my sister.  We trade off at Greg's graduation on the 7th of August.    I got the position at work that I have been wanting 3-11.  I will be the evening unit sec and I have to cross train for a couple of weeks in the day.  I hope all goes well with mom.  I have my niece and her boyfriend coming out to stay at the house to help out while we go to SC for graduation.  My oldest will help as well after he gets off of work so I think we have things covered. Still feeling great and loving the way I am looking.  I am still hoping to hit my goal by Dec.