Oh, my heavens I have been invaded!!!!!

Here they come marching 'cross the floor,Don't know where they come from it ain't through the door.The windows are sealed tight,you know this ain't right.Hey Hey it's the Ant squad
There's more than a squad, a platoon holds not enough.  My Heavens it's a blooming Army!  It's an invasion!!
The Ant's go marching one by one, oh dear, oh dear!The Ant's go marching two by two, no way no way!
Ant's to the left of meAnt's to the right of meOn comes the 6 million
     There's a millions of them in the bathrooms. in the laundry room, in the bedroom, in the computer room (Wait What? They need to send e-mails), in the kitchen, in the dining room.  In My sewing rooom.  (What they want to make prom dresses and tuxes?)  There is no food in some of these rooms no water in most of them. They are even in the canned food cupboard.  Hope they brought a can opener. What is the deal?
     Dennis left some stuff for me to use but it says to keep away from pets.  The only pet that would not have to stick their nose in it would be Sally and she can't get the top off her tank or she just might.
     I have this vision of me with a foam baseball bat beating cats away from this stuff.  But to be honest I think you are suppose to put it on the ants nest outside.  However the ants are on to this ploy. The have devised tactics to prevent one from finding their nice snug little homes.  Or would that be base camp.   I have found exactly 3 ant trails outside each leading a different direction from the house.  They go so far and then the ants scatter to the 4 corners.  My luck their nest are in Lancaster (150 miles away)
     "There aren't quite as many as there were a while ago."  They have been disposaled, washed, swept and stepped on.  But they keep coming.  I have cleaned and recleaned the clean kitchen counters and still they come.  I have swept and mopped clean floors(Don't tell the girls. I am not suppose to do those things 'cause of my back) and still they come.  I have changed the table cloth, and still they come. 
     You would think the concret would get to hot for those little footsies.  It's 100 degrees in the shade and most of the back yard is concret in full sun.  I am not going to run around with no shoes on that cement!!!!!!!!!
     Well , guess I will just forget they have taken over my home for the next two hours. Take Pamela to her AA meeting. Take Noah and Isaiah to Micky Dee's and go eat lunch in the park.  Let them climb and play in the sand a bit.  At least this park has trees and shade and play ground equipment.
Hope all who read this have a chuckle on me and a very very good dayLove'n hugs,



LOL very neat...tis the season!

Thats made my day.
Thank you.

OMG- so glad it\'s not cockroaches!! Seriously, if I remember right it is Epsom salts you can sprinkle all around your baseboards- I know there are some home remedies that do work!! good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, gee---good thing you can laugh about it!!