oh just some random thoughts. whats on my mind at the moment

it is so gloomy outside, i hate when that happends.  its like so depressing when its like this and that brings me so down sometimes.  and of course im missing her even though she called me a couple of days ago. im so thankful for it but at the sametime im missing her so so much, it hurts! like im going to just keep praying that she meant what she said about her coming up to visit me up here. im really hoping that she does cuz i would love it. and i just want to have alone time with her, cuz the last couple of times her roommate would always have to be there and that was so annoying! like does she always have to be with us?? so im praying for a time that i could have with her without her roommate. but i mean its up to God what he wants to have happen. so i just have to hope for the best. its like i cant stop thinking about her its really sad. LOL