October 6,2010 - 20 things you didn't know about me

I am going to make this a fun and interesting trivial journal! 
1.  I was born during a bizzard in Jan 1966,  my mother was rushed by ambulance and sent to the hospital about 5 miles south.  The ambulance hit a snowbank and my mother had to be transferred to another ambulance and went to another hospital 20 miles away.  I was born 10 minutes later. 
2.  Raised in Angola, NY - 25 miles south of Buffalo (near lake erie) and 1 hour north of Erie PA. Loved Angola in the summer but hated living there in the wintertime.   Rode my bike everywhere and didn't drive until i was 19.  Was in the upper 20 percent of my class (85 out of 250).  My parents held me back in the 1st grade and went to school with my sister.  My brother is 3 years younger than me.  I lived at home until I was 24 and I moved about 13 times since 1990 (yes, call me a gypsy!). 
3.  I worked as a home health aide for about 5 years (1 year pt time and 4 years per diem - weekends).  I have worked in the homecare industry prior to the hospital industry for 13 years.  I was a billing clerk, data entry clerk, unit secretary and medical records clerk (for 1 month).
4.  I have dated a lot throughout the years but lived with a guy once, back in 1995-1997.  I dated an alcoholic, gambler, cheater, manipulator, arrogant, ignorant men in my past.  I won't tolerate this behavior anymore - which is why I remain single at this day.  I don't tolerate men telling me what to do and how to do it.   I was also engaged to a potsmoking, unemployed, lazy man who expected me to give him a good life on my buck.  As you can see, I will not settle like many women do. 
5.  I have owned 4 other cats in my lifetime (besides Tika).  My 1st cat samantha and 2nd cat sydney I had for 6 years.  I had to give them away because I went and moved back home and couldnt' take them.  My homecare nurse at work adopted them right away (she had 13 cats).  then I had Briana and Brittany.  I had them for about  a year until I returned home when I got engaged.  my parents still have Briana and she is very happy there - she is now 7!
6.  Growing up we had 2 dogs.  George, black and white dog went everywhere with us.  Camping.  We got him when I was 6 and he finally died of old age when I was 19.  He was 20.  He was the best dog.  Active until he was 18.  Then we had Jaycee, he lived to 14.  He had epileptic seizures most of his life but dad knew how to help him control it.   What did him in was that his kidneys failed and died of kidney failure. 
7.  I am a former musician in high school.  Yep, a glorified band geek.  I played clarinet and all throughout school I was 1st chair or 2nd chair (A few years I was 2nd clarinet, that was because I was an underclassmen).  I was a former allstate and all county clarinet player (2nd clarinet).  I played alto Sax too and played in the stage band. I was also in the pit orchestra in 1983,84,85 and played in Oklahoma!, Bye Bye Birdie and Anything goes.    I also played about 4 years out of high school.  When I went to my local community college for a few years, I was picked to go to one of the intercollegate bands (1986,87,88) at Syracuse University.  1986-3rd clarinet, 1987-1st clarinet, 1988 - 1st chair 3rd clarinet.  In 1986-1990, I played with the Tonawanda Legion Band, national champions.  In 1989-1990, I played bells with the Hamburg percussion ensaumble.  That was a busy summer!!
8.  I am a former runner.  Ran numerous 5K races, a handful 10K, handful of 15K (Utica boilermaker 5 x in a row).  Ran a 10K PR of 1:02 and a 5K PR of 29.29. In 1997, I ran the walt disney world marathon in 5 hour and 30 min.  I did this through lukemia society team and training.  Had to raise about $2500 in order to go.  No wonder I hate fund raising.  I also belonged to a few running groups - Nickel City Running club, Checkers track club.  Back in the days, races were $12-15 a piece, cheap sport.  Now they are $25-30 a piece (or more).  Could be a reason why my PKD stayed dormant, because I was so physically active..
9.  Back in the late 70's I use to be an avid rollerscater and went to the rink after religion class on saturday mornings.  I was painfully shy and too afraid to make friends there.  To me, they were mostly clicky and didn't approach me too much.  I went to religion grade 1-8 on saturday mornings.  My aunt (who died last year) was my 8th grade religious teacher.  Mom was always late and waited a long time (sometimes over an hour after class).  then in grade 9 I went on Wednesday evenings, made my confirmation and that was it. 
10.  Went to the beach everyday over the summer until my parents had enough of us staying home.  Got me a job at my mom's company doing cataloging and paper stockroom work.  I did that for 6 years.  I had to leave - between my aunt being my boss and my mother in HR, I didn't have a good identity.  which is why I won't let anyone at my hospital system thats family. 
11.    I owned 6 cars,  79 chevette, 88 hyundai excel, 91 hyundai excel, 97 mercury mystique, 03 ford focus and now I have a 06 saturn ION 3.  I also went through 1 reposession/recovery back in 2002 (mercury mystique).  I leased the 03 ford focus for 3 years.  the 2 hyundais had the most problems - I had a major accident with the 91 hyundai and it was totaled. The 1988 hyundai lasted to 70,000 miles before the engine siezed.   the chevette went through a lot of clutches (known for them) and went through 2 other owners after I got rid of it (a high school girl had it a week and the engine blew).   This car is going great, 62000 miles and almost paid for.  Had some issues with my tires (shredded) about 2 years after i got it and had to get 4 brand new ones from Dunn tire. 
12.  I am left handed.  The only one in my immediate family so I grew up in a right handed household.  My cousin Debbie is a lefty (the one I cat sit for) and my grandmother was when she was alive.  My 2 uncles and 1 aunt who are lefties.   Lefties are in their right mind.
13.  I am the oldest of 3.  My sister is 11 mo younger than me (Irish twins).  My brother is 3 years younger than me.    My sister was the 1st to leave the house and my brother and I stayed home.  We switched rooms when she left.   He left home at the ripe old age of 30.
14.  Dad is the youngest of 3.  I have 1 surviving aunt on his side.  My other aunt died of renal issues due to diabetes last October. I am #3 out of 8 grandkids on dad's side.    Mom is the oldest of 6! 3 uncles and 2 aunts.   I am #1 out of 17 grandkids for my moms side.  I have a 20 year old cousin, and I am almost 45.  LOL!!!
15.  Went to summer school in the 10th grade because I couldn't pass regents math and English.  Took it in summerschool and took the school exam and got a non regents credit.  I met a great guy in summer school, but didn't get beyond summer school.  throughout the years we couldn't get our timing right.  we almost did, but that was when I broke it off with my x of 6 years back in 1997, after that - nothing.  We recently reconnected on Facebook and he recently got married, oh well.
16.  I went on my first rollercoaster ride at age 16 at cedar pt in Ohio.  dad took me and we sat in front.  Scared me to death.  I didn't get on another rollercoaster until age 32, superman ride.  Never again. 
17.  Not an avid swimmer.  When I was about 7-8, my uncle had me in his arms then started to talk to one of my aunts/uncles and dropped me in the water.  almost drowned.  Since then, I always had a fear of water (didn't mind getting wet but swimming was out of the question).  I eventually overcame my fear of water when I was in high school because i didn't want to be in the non swimmer group.  Today, I can jump off the diving board, tread water but doggie paddle is my choice of stroke. 
18.  I use to love paint my numbers.  I know its juvinile but it relaxes me.  Not the really easy ones.  The acrylic paint by numbers that are really difficult.  I also like to color.    I also did a few ceramic pieces in the past few years. 
19.  My aunt who passed away last year taught me how to counted cross stitch.  Not the ones with the stamped design.  The ones from the pic where you start from the mddle and spread out.  I did a lot of small items and did a goose pic that my mother has framed in the hallway at home.  Haven't done it in a long time.
20.  I use to have acrylic nails from 2001-early 2003.  Painted them funky colors like, purple, green, blue.  I use to drive my fellow unit secretary crazy because I would be "tap,tap,tap" all day long.  I got them off because I had a growth on my finger and had to see a dermatologist when I had them off.  He said no more nails, now they are rigid and very uneven.  Not bad because I let the acrylic grow out and fall off. 
21.  I almost forgot.  I was born with this skin condition called abnormal sebacious cysts.  throughout school I had them and was teased and bullied by kids because I was different.  It probably made me a better person today.  at 16, I went to the dermatologist and had them lanced off.   I was good until about a few years ago, now I need to get back to the derm but my derm who worked on me so many years ago is like 85-90 years old and need to find a new one to take my case on. 
Thats it.....Hope you enjoyed my life. 



That was interesting. Thank you for sharing it.

That was fun to read :)You gave us so much info about yourself - thanks for sharing your life with us :))
I see, that you are a \"winter baby \" - same here - I was born in Feb.

Thank you so very much Jen, for writing, and sharing with us. :) It\'s so nice, getting to know eachother. :) You have had many life experiences, and are a very strong, and brave person. :) It\'s wonderful getting to become friends here on DS, and getting to share our days, adventures, and memories with eachother. :) i\'m so sorry, and saddened to hear of your Aunt\'s passing. She left with you, very special memories, and the wonderful guidance, of how she taught you how to cross stitch. :) Those are very special memories, to always cherish, and treasure. :)

We hope and pray, that your skin condition heals. we wish you comfort, healing, and peace. :) i too, am afraid of water, i don\'t swim, and i\'m afraid of going on boats. i also have a fear of heights.

You have made many wonderful accomplishments in your life. :) Thank you again, for sharing with us, and for welcoming us into your heart. :) my family and i are very happy, and thankful to have your friendship. :)

This was a nice way to let your friends know you better....thank You!

That was a really nice story. Thank you for sharing with us.