October 10th,2008---

i am just so happy.Stanley my youngest brother is coming to seattle for one month in June of 2009.! I havent seen him since 2004 and he told me that he is going to retire this year.I am very proud of Stanley.He was always very gifted.When he was 15 back in the 50s..He won The American Legion Award.I dont know much about it or if it still exists..but he won it and he was a very gifted boy.Then in 1958,he won a scholarship and he could have gone to several colleges.A great deal of colleges wanted him because he was brainy and the college that he chose was Seton Hall.I dont know if Seton Hall still exists but Stanley told me that he when to the reunion and it wasnt like it was written up in the papers.A great deal of people did not show up.In the year 2011..it would be 45 years that I graduated also.I dont see any of the kids but i have called Linda once and she is doing fairly well.I have realized and this was taught to me by Dan Johnson...never under any circumstances hate your own home town.He believed that you are selected to live in a town and that you have work to do there.And if it isnt in your home town..then you can relocate and find something else.I also heard from my first boyfriend and i dont think that we will even date.He is a widower now.He has got 8 children.And frankly when I do see him..what do I say? I havent seen him and Marian since 1967 since we had that fight over that record.Now I realize when it came to that record..what a jackass I was.But other things have happened and Marian wont tell me and since I live 3,000miles away from all of these people that I have known since 1953 and went to school with them..what can I say? But there is something that I will never tell Marian and the others.I will never tell her that I still love T.C.And one of the reasons why it broke up is because we knew in 1967..it could never be.Love is a wonderful thing..But sometimes when it comes to love..certain people like me and T.C.just cant be together and I have accepted this.I still care but at 61..there isnt anything that I can do and I will end what it said in the I-Ching..I have got no blame.