Ok, I have to do it. I have to write an obituary/eulogy for my last relationship and bury it for good this time. The short lived relationship between Vicki Marshall and Ronald "Spanky" Lanfair is being remembered today.  Vicki and Spanky connected October 21,2007 after sharing nachos and beer at Square One Pub.  They both discussed the lack of desire to have relationships with anyone and how their past ones hurt them.  They decided to be friends and hang out once in a while.  Their first night together was at the Square One halloween party where he went dressed as a football player and unbeknownst to her what he was wearing, she came as a cheerleader.  It was a perfect relationship meant to happen.  From that night on, they were inseperable.  Phone calls and texts into the wee hours of the morning and every waking moment was spent together.  They didnt even kiss eachother until November 17 of that year.  Things were going well and Spanky sent Vicki the sweetest text message on December 6 telling her basically that he was falling for her.  And then Spanky dropped the "r" word via text at the beginning of December after Vicki had a swim meet at Cascade High School.  Vicki decided to try to date him and eventually fell head over heels in love.  She knew that he was "the one" for her.  Her gut told her that and gut feelings were never wrong.   They dated for months and things started to fall apart.  He began to resent her and her insecurities and felt himself slipping back into old ways.  On April 19, 2008, via text again, he broke off their relationship.  He said that it wasn't meant to be and that he wasnt the person who could give her what she needed.  All she needed though was him.  They talked a little on occasion and then he moved in with a "friend" named Rayna.  Things progressed VERY quickly and within weeks, before the end of May, they were boyfriend and girlfriend.  They are still living together today.  Spanky would ocasionally (every 2 months around a holiday) call Vicki and ask to seee her and fool around.  She went every time thinking that he would miss her and want her back soon.  It never happened.  Spanky slipped farther and farther from her and eventually fell in love with Rayna even though she was bad news and was in jail for a month.  He is currently planning on marrying her.  Vicki on the other hand has a hard time thinking about what she had this time last year and still occasionally pines for him.  There will be no other that can take his place in her heart.  She'd rather die alone than be with anyone other than him. So, today, we pay our final respects to Vicki and Spanky, "the Couple".  It was beautiful while it lasted but it just wasn't meant to be for some reason.  We close the casket and mourn for a short period of time.  The pain of the loss will eventually subside and we can move on.  We all know that Spanky has and that is why he is not even at this memorial.  He lives to his fullest with her and plans the future that was meant to be with Vicki. Casket lowers to the ground, flowers are thrown in and the dirt is shoveled ontop.  Gone, buried, done.  No one will come visit the gravesite except maybe Vicki.  Spanky will never come see it, let alone care where it is.  Some may reminisce.  Eventually it will all be forgotten. Thank you for coming today and God be with you!