O joy....(sarcasum)

I need something good to happen and soon.  My mom broke her foot, my grandmother is dying, my in-laws are dealing with health issues, I have had to drop to part time at work, Hubby is trying to find a job closer to home, and our bathroom is growing mold behind the shower wall!!!!!!!
I just need something good to happen.  I'm tired of being depressed all the time.  I tired of trying to figure out if I have pms or pregnancy symptoms.  I'm tired of feeling like I am on the losing side of every battle in my life.  Something has got to give, because I am truly about to go postal. 
I want to curl up under my desk and cry until I fall asleep.  But I cant because I have this persona of being bubbly and happy all the time.  HA if only people knew.  I feel beaten and deflated.  I just want to give up, but that would be letting DH and, ultimately, myself down.