o dear

iv been sleeping alot this week.cant seem to pull myself up.heaps of self doubt.trying not to close down completely.feels like im forever fighting to get on top of things and i take one step forward and three steps back.it makes me so tired.tired to the point i begin to think (whats the use).i dont want to fight anymore as iv just not got alot left to fight with.



Dear Terrian,

What type of Gardening are you involved in?
Have you heard of perma - culture before?

As a hermit, do you find joy in solitude, or is it misery in isolation?

Do you generally end up sleeping when you get depressed/lonely?


hi Ben,i do everything from weeding to large pruning and shelterbelts by hand and saw.i love roses.yes i have heard of perma-culture.it is joy in solitude for me Ben and yes i do sleep when depressed.although often alone i am rearly lonely as i make full use of all my senses.i drink with my eyes ,taste with my ears and listen with my soul.Bumblebees are my garden dogs and my heart swims deep within the labyrinth that is me