Nuisance Disease

Nuisance:  inconvenient, annoying, or vexatious; a bother
My Rheumy told me, when he first diagnosed me, that Lupus was basically a nuisance disease with possible sparodic life threatening episodes.  I am still learning to cope with this.
As I sit here at work, not really sick enough to justify a missed day, I ponder this definition.  I haven't eaten since my protein drink at breakfast, 5 1/2 hours ago.  I'm hoping the cafeteria has some pudding.  I think my mouth ulcers will allow me to eat some pudding.  I couldn't find my Lidacane this morning so am going 'raw'.
The Imodium stopped the constant painful 'flow' just in time. I feel that if I would have touched the little burning ring of molten fire that is my sphincter again, it would have imploded, turning me into a human jack-o-latern.
When I am over this latest 'nuisance' I am going to concentrate on my weight again.  I have lost 45.8 pounds since January.  I have yo-yo'd 33.2 pounds for a total YTD loss of 12.6 pounds.  The cold, creamy pudding and ice cream that my mouth ulcers will tolerate isn't going to help.  Kinda hard to eat vegies and fruit right now.
Chins Up Teisha, Chins  Up



Hey girlfriend. Can I be your biggest cheerleader. Lupus is always an educational condition thats for sure & I do fully believe that everything we learn to conquer & find our own mechanisms for conquering empowers us to be that much stronger & wiser. I\'ve learned that keeping me almost first & of main importance to myself does help to keep me more a winner then a loser, yet I do suffer at times with some stupid little things that come up. We just keep fighting & learning.
Feel my heart in prayer for my friend here.
Lord, reach out & touch her life,
Empower her to be and stay strong,
Keep her safe & guide her days, Lord.
The best to you my friend.

Nice Kitty3= Sleepy T I know what those days are like. I haven\'t had the pleasure I mouth sores,. but I was running today. With all the funk that lupus brings we got to be thinkful for the little things like the wieght loss. I hope that\'s a good thing because steriods can really pack it on. Be happy that you can work to keep you busy. I know it sounds like BS especially when it;s said to me. I have some choice words for that person. All I\'m saying is hang in there. This shall pass and a good day will follw/ God Bless you.