NS and Pain doctor

Today we are making the trip back to Albuqurque to see the NS tomorrow and also see another Pain Doc. Both on the same day is going to be a very busy day and then make the trip back home the same day. I don`t know how I am going to be feeling but I am already sore , so it might be o.k. or it could turn into a very bad experance.Can`t get any worse than having a MRI and every time the machine makes that clanking sound your back spasms. Wish me some good luck and say a lot of prayers,about what they think they can do for me. Anyhow it is going to be a very interesting trip, in that I have to drive that distance and see both Doc`s and come home the same day.Never know what this disorder is going to do to me next. I just hope that they can do something about the cyst that has shown up at the shunt area. I sure don`t want to go back into surgery but how else are they going to fix it if not by going back in. My nerves are shot and I know that I am a Bear to be around when I get this way. I wonder if the Cymbalta will work or not. They put me on it for the pain but it is supposed to be for depression too.