Now even the mail man is a pregnancy pusher..

So.... I got a package in the mail today.. someone has GOT to make me stay away from the computer once my ambien has kicked in at night. I ordered a "fertility kit" a few days ago aparently.. I got a whole bunch of ovulation predictors, a pee collector cup and "softcups".. hmmm. At first I was thinking my mom must have had something to do with it, but then thought it through, read through the paperwork and sure enough!! I caught myself red handed! lol Well, I will have to use it in two months when we take a break from BC to try again... Could have clobbered the mailman though when I first opened it.. Thought it was a conspiracy..
 As you can see, today is a better day... and why you ask? Well, I think it is a combination of things.. The Ocella is supposed to have a mood stablizer in it.. so YAY Ocella! Also, I feel more energenic after taking the liquid b complex drops. I dont think the esspresso hurt either... so, this will be my daily tonic I suppose.. Back in the day women took opium, caffiene and some other craziness all together in what they called "mommies helper".. so I think my "tonic" is the lesser of the evils. I have heard though that women with PCOS arent supposed to have caffiene.. is this true? I mean, could they possibly be any more cruel??? First no carbs, then possibly no children, painful sex and mood swings, weight gain, loss of hair on head and excess on face... and arms... and well, we can stop there... and then no coffee?!?! Wow.. what did we do wrong in another life?
Okay, SO, in conclusion, I hope all of you have a great day. Anyone who was actually able to make it through my messed up jumble of thought. And I hope my perma grin rubs off on you in even the smallest amount.. because I'm starting to look like a goon, and could really use your help. hugs!!!