Nothing but Frustrations

Nothing but Frustrations   It seems as though I am always frustrated about something these days, and I do not like feeling that way.   Two of the people who work with the home health care agency (I use), and help me at night, are starting to get on my nerves. I am entitled to an hour and a half of their time each night, but I am lucky if they even give me fifteen minutes. I am apparently the last person each one of them helps at night, so they want to finish with me and get home early. I understand how they feel, but that is not fair to me.   They are getting paid to provide me with certain services and quality care, but I am not getting that from them. I have asked them to slow down and not try to rush out of here, but they act as if I am joking.   I am aware that I can file a complaint against them, but that would probably result in their being replaced, and I do not want that to happen. Last night, there was a substitute for one of my CNAs, and she told me this morning that she was astonished at the speed with which the other person acted and how hastily she wanted to leave my apartment. This CNA also said she did not feel that it was right. She said she tried to tell the other person that they should take longer with me, but that the other CNA did not listen to her.   Yesterday I called Freedom Service Dogs to talk with someone about making an appointment so that I could go there and apply for one of their dogs toward the end of next week. There was no one there to take my call, so I sent them a lengthy e-mail instead. In the e-mail, I told them about myself, the problems I have, and the reasons I thought a dog would be helpful to me. I even said that my psychologist had recommended using such a service as they had.   I never received a reply, and since it is now the weekend, I am sure I will not hear from them until Monday at the earliest. Something in my "negative" mind, keeps telling me that I will not hear anything at all.   Today I feel exhausted and worn out -- again! Although I had hoped to go to a few places, I just do not have the energy it takes. I will have to settle on doing some things here at home.   Quotes for Success:   “My goal is to translate response into results. Some teachers teach for others to learn. That's not me. Some teachers teach for others to accomplish. That is me.” Jim Rohn