nothing at all

im just a blink , sometimes in peoples thoughts! that is about all, just a blink of the eye No one  actually really cares. TRUELY!  thats the truth.  i might now get a few messages, but that is about all , nothing real, nothing consitant.  going away now , just a hello sometimes is all l wanted.  I always truely knew no one cared and l was alone,.  CYA but that is okay, i know now that my strength has to come from me, and myself only!!!



I am sorry that I must have missed this entry in your journal. I can only plead old age and not lack of caring. I don\'t know what has happened that you feel no one is interested in you. I always look at your profile and smile. \" I am 48 yrs old and I am beautiful\". I loved it ! \" I have PD it doesn\'t have me\" showed that you are a fighter. Don\'t roll over and play dead. Get busy and start fighting.
You are a fighter and your input is needed. If I let you down please forgive me and if someone else doesn\'t like something \" delete them\". The beauty of this site is you have the option of either interacting with others or not . Take what you need and give what you can. Loving hugs to you..... xoxo