Notes to self

Been beyond wit's end w/my son lately.  this year, he started out pretty good being on time.  then he started cutting it close.  Now he's not even getting out of the house till 7:30 (when school starts).  I've been "nudging" him in the morning, just to be sure he's awake & everything.  It's not helping.  And I can't just physically drag him out (tempting as it may be).
Got his 2nd quarter interim & he's in danger of failing 3 classes now (English, Geometry & German).  We just can't have this anymore.  I can't keep paying & paying for summer school when he should be passing the 1st time.  He always claims he does the work, yet refuses to show me anything (and what am I supposed to do, put a gun to his head?).
Another manipulative thing he did today:  refused to eat dinner.  We all scooped out the casserole & served ourselves.  He refused to serve himself & said we should serve him.  My husband & I said, you're 15 years old, you're not a baby anymore, you can serve yourself.  so he just sat there, drank his milk, but would not eat.  Whatever...
I was on the verge of snapping at work today.  My boss even told me (calmly) to calm down.  But I know he was concerned 'cause he asked me if I was OK later.  I just don't feel like I can get it all done.  One of my superiors (a real nervous nelly) is like, "we have to get this done, we have to get that done!" & going into hyperdrive about it.  Which stresses me out.  I told her, I only have 2 days before I leave & I can only get so much done in those 2 days.  There are certain things that others can do, so I'm just going to have to let it go.
I've got to complete my packing list, get some stocking stuffers, deliver my friend's cookies & pack tomorrow (on top of a full work day).  And get my daughter to scouts. 
I already have a major plan for Christmas Day:  SLEEP!!!