Not the liver

That was a huge relief for me, finding out it wasn't my liver. 
Gallbladder works great, as long as it is done manually with radiation and hormones.  Sonogram shows a healthy, beautiful organ, no stones.   I give up on trying to understand.  Been told a few times, by a few doctros, will just have gall bladder taken out. 
Surgeon has now sent me back, not all the way, but close.  Back to Gastro guy who did colonoscopy, Jan. 12.  Surgeon wants a second opinion?  Can't he just call him?
Un F*%#believable.
I am thinking of canceling the appointment on the 12 and keeping my $40.00 co-pay.
I seriously give up.  Waving the white flag. 



Well it\'s a good thing its not your liver. The gallbladder can be worked out one way or the other. I hope you feel better.


Hey my friend. Our Lord truly did lay his hand on you & bless you with no liver problems.
A 2nd colonoscopy might not be bad thing as sometimes a 2nd look could very well reveal the problem they didn\'t catch the 1st time. I do know some dr\'s that rather then consult another dr via the phone they like to actually see things for themselves.
Either way, you listen to your heart and your instincts and follow thru accordingly.
I\'ll continue to keep you in my prayers for the very best outcome.

Sounds like you got good news and the relief of that might be talking you into throwing up the white flag. Don\'t know this for sure but I think gall bladder problems unattended can cause other problems. I know it\'s aggravating but I would think twice before canceling. I cancelled the neurologist appointment and now I have to get on thier waiting list again!
With you whatever you decide to do!

Peace, Love and Hugs