Not taking a trip: Taking a trip

Ok, All right.
 I am getting excited.  I want to jump up and down I can hardly stand it. Do a Happy dance !!!! Sing out Loud.  Oh good, there's no one here to care if I get off key!!!
 Two major happenings coming up.  First your friend and mine.  Our very own Miss Mayberry Deb is going to come to my house to visit.  I is so very excited about that. In 4 days on the 25th of Aug. We will have such a wonderful time visiting and sharing.  Then hopefully when I get back from my vacation in Sept.I can go vist Miss Deb at her house. 
 It is sooooooo cool to be able to make so many new friends and meet new people because of the places we go. Even the internet.  In June Dennis and I met a lovely young lady, her daugther, and her brand new husband from Florida that Dennis had been conversing with for close to 3 years on his recovery site.  We spent a day in the Sierra Mountains looking at the Redwoods and visiting.  It was soooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 Then in July I got to go to Lancaster and met Deb for the first time.  I took my Daughter and 2 of my Grandkids and she brought 3 of her grand babies and we all had lunch and a great time.  I went to Lancaster again the 28th of July to have lunch again with Deb.  We even went shopping we were having a really good time until I got ill and had to cut our visit short.
  Now on the 9th of Sept.  We will meet another lady and her husband whom I have been conversing with for 2 years both by phone and internet. Somehow we both have booked on the the same Alaskan cruise.  At seperate times in different states.  She is in OHIO and we are IN Calif.  The ship leaves from Seattle. 
  We will be leaving here, Ridgecrest, Ca (Desert) on the 6th of Sept.  We can expect 100 to 110 degree weather at that time here.    HOWEVERRRRRRRRR....It will only be about 65 degrees in Seattle and we are heading NORTH?   Me thinks maybe me just a gonna freeze me butt off???????? 
 I have made special sweatshirts for us girls to wear and the guys get matching baseball caps.  I really don't own a winter coat sooooooo we will have to see.  I do have a heavier coat but heavier is relative.  A sweatshirt is heavier than a shirt.  A jean jacket heavier than a sweatahirt (in most cases).  A flannel lined denim car coat is warmer than a jean jacket.  A down lined parka is warmer than a denim car coat.  I don't have a down filled parka!!!!!
 We will be taking 4 days to make the trip from Ridgecrest to Seattle.  We can do it in two but decided to take our time and not push it.  Because of my back and Dennis's Poor health we thought it would be better.  We will be driving from here to Sacramento or there abouts the first day. Then hit the middle of Oregon about 34 miles from Drain, Oregon.  Yes, Folks there really is a place called Drain, Oregon. Who would a thunked it.  
 We will go on into Chehalis, Washington the next day.  Via Aberdeen, Washington which is really one hour north of Chehalis.  But my sister lives in Aberdeen.  And we will visit most of the day with her and then Return to the hotel. Then we will head on up to Seattle in the morning. Traveling through Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey, Nisqually, Hawks Praire, Puyallup, Tacoma, Tillicum, Humptulips and other places with equally interesting names.  You may ask: How does she know all those names.  Well, I was raised in the first 4.  Hawks Praire was once upon a time the home of my great ++ grandparents.  If I take a left on the yelm Highway and travel a little ways on the right I can turn down Mayes Street.  Never lived on it but it is named for my dad. Take a turn onto Ruddle Road and I can visit my uncle but I think I will pass on that this trip!
 When we get to Seattle, which only about two hours from our hotel we will head to the airport to pick up our new friends.  Bernie and Ray will be flying in from Ohio. Their flight comes in quite early.  We will have breakfast (if their flight is on time) or lunch (If it is not). Mess around in Seattle for a bit.  then head to Tukwilla to spend the night in our motel. After dinner and a nice nights sleep. Yeah, right, Who's gonna sleep. Hello, Boarding cruise ship in Morning, Cruiseing (first time ever) to Alaska.  Sleep sounds good in therory, but I don't think it's gonna happen.  Contenintal breakfast starts at 4:30.  Means Coffee pot will be on.  I will be all over that.
 Here at home Sally (the lizard) will be moving to Tammy's house.  I just can't seem to remember to take care of her properly so she will be better off in a new home where there are many of her relitives.  Her Mother, father and sister live at Tammy's house.
 Shawna will be Puppy Sitting Thatcher at her house. And will be taking care of the Cats here.  Bless her Heart.  She is even going to take the "babies" in for their shots and nutering.  She is such a Sweetie.  I am so thankful for her.  Not just for what she is doing so that Dennis and I can take this trip but for all the other things she does.  For being on the end of the phone when I have reached my wits ends.  For being there to share a laugh, a tear, a joke, a smile, a frown or a hug.  She is the daughter of my heart.  And I thank God for her everyday.
On that note......I will be home around the 20th.  So I will be off line from Sept. 6th to the 20th sometime.
Love 'n hugs,Elsie



Elsie, how wonderful to meet some of your friends, you have a great time Darling.
Thrilled for you.
Community Leadersambod

wow, it sounds wonderful elsie. i have another group i belong to; it is a bunch of mom\'s from all over the country whose children have autism. we are all meeting next year. have a wonderful time.

Elsie, since I live in Canada, just some advice, you don\'t need a parka for 65 degrees, a sweatshirt and Jean jacket will be warm enough hon. Perhaps a scarf in case it\'s windy, Have a wonderful time !!!! hugs Terry

Elsie, I\'m so happy for you about the cruise. How exciting to be meeting your friends in person after all this time, and getting to go to Alaska besides! Have a wonderful time! :-)

I know exactly how you feel about the winter coat. I am from Los Angeles and I remember when I thought 65 degrees was freezing -- everybody did. Then we moved to Colorado Springs.

I was shocked one day, when I opened the door to let the boys\' friends in and they were all standing there in shorts and Tshirts. Aren\'t you cold, I asked them, it\'s freezing out there. They giggled and said it was nice out -- they loved days like these when they could wear shorts and Tshirts. One of them even said \"It\'s almost 65 today!\" Like we were having a heat wave! LOL

Terry is right. You don\'t need anything heavy. What you already own will work just fine. Layers are the way to go. You\'d be surprised how much warmth a couple of extra layers can provide. They won\'t hog up too much room in your suitcase either.

She\'s also right about the scarf. It does get windy on a ship and that does make it seem colder. A pair or two of those little knit \"Magic Gloves\" -- are nice to keep in your pocket. Socks and a pair of closed shoes are worth the space they take up in the suitcase when your feet are cold.

Take lots of pictures. We can\'t wait to see them! We\'ll be right here, when you get back, waiting to hear all about it. :-)

Thanks everyone for the drrssing advice. I guess I should have mentioned I lived in Minnesota for 13 years. However have lived in the desert for 16 years. I do prefer the desert. And no matter how you look at it. Seattle will be approx 40 - 45 degrees cooler than our current temp. So while you folks who live in cooler climes might think 65 is pleasent I\'m thinking chilly.

Wooo Hooo.........bring on the hols, that\'s amazing meeting with all your new friends..........ENJOY xx