Not so bored today...

Today was a bit busier. I went to the bank, and while I was coming back, I ran into a guy I met while I was in the clinic in March. He was there for alcoholism, but he's back drinking again. Shouldn't surprise me, since most people say they want to get clean but then don't. Speaking of that, my cousin Nikki might enter into treatment for her alcoholism. She told Chele last night to come get her daughter, that she wanted to check herself in and get help. I can only hope that she's for real this time. I want to hope, but I know how addicts are. I live with one (food addict).
Speaking of that, I woke up this morning craving Taco Bell since we had some last night and I had 2 tacos left over. I was hoping to eat them, but they were gone. I made some mock-tacos that were actually really good (tortiallas, sour cream, hot sauce and salad) and I had 2 of those for breakfast and 2 for lunch. In between, I went to the bank and had actual Taco Bell but my macos [what I'm calling them for now] were just as good. I'm trying to think of creative things to do with the food I have here because we don't have a lot of money for food. 
Tomorrow I should try and go to the DCF (dept of Children and Familes) office here and see about getting more food stamps for this month since I'm still getting SSI. I have to wake up and see how I feel, though. It's going to be an all-day thing if I go... but it will be good to get out of the house. I have to go to therapy on Thursday, so no sleeping until noon for me again tomorrow. I have to wake up at 10 or before, and stay out of bed. Maybe it is the best idea for me to go.. I have to check the bus. 
Food: Macos for breakfast and lunch, a gordita from Taco Bell for snack, regular dinner. Also had a salad- it's going to go bad soon, so I have to eat a ton of it over the next couple of days.
Sleep: I had trouble falling asleep last night since I took Excedrin Migraine at like 10 and had to take 2mg klonopin. Slept from 1am to noon. Didn't take a nap today. I need to figure out what happened to Geo's klonopin, since it's disappeared. *sigh* He takes so much of it (4mg) that it's hard for me to help him from my klonopin since he takes 4 of mine. I'm just going to give him my bottle of 0.5mg and let him take 8 of those. He's going to be taking a huge handful of pills either way.



Rissa, glad to see your journaling. Good job