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I will admit there still are times I let T get the best of me but they're few and far between and that is for two reasons.  One is because of the way I respond to him and two - he continues to be sober and is using his time more wisely - sports, sports and more sports.  He worked out so much yesterday with his various activities - he is very sore today. Yesterday when we were driving in the van, I asked him what he thought of the Assistant Principal.  I guess I was a bit anxious to meet with the AP because of T's behavior the last day of school.  In addition, I didn't have an agenda - I just wanted to show him the program I'm setting up at the middle school (perhaps the hs might be interested the first year since, perhaps, parents with hs students may not have a ms student and would miss out on this information.  I wasn't going to push it.  He doesn't have the last word, anyway, but I thought I'd try.  In addition, I was going to let him know that T is interested in the on-line program the school pays for.  The problem is...there are only two seats and T may have blown this opportunity.  Again - can't hurt to ask.  Anyway,  T said that on the last day of school after he was reprimanded for kicking cans down the hall on Senior prank day, the AP told him, basically, that he's a loser and will never amount to anything.  I'm not sure if that is exactly what he said or if that is what T heard but it bothers me a bit.  I understand the AP's frustration but.....from what I know and have learned about addiction - (especially teens with other issues) you don't say negative things like that.  I was all set to talk to him about it..... but don't intend to say anything about what he said to T.  Just general info.  Oh - "our" former band teacher/director at the high school, who moved a few years ago to another district (because the school wasn't going to renew his contract to more than a year) was just sentenced for 3 years in prison for sexual battery on a 15 year old student.  He has a young son, about 5 or 6, and a wife whose cancer returned.  Very sad situation.  That poor little boy, young woman, and wife.  I even feel for him for making such poor decisions and for only thinking of himself.  Apparently, he could have gone to prison up to 25 years, but he plead guilty and got 3. 



Perhaps the APs comments will serve as incentive; to show him otherwise? I think it may have been a good reality check; you can only push so far ..... His parents and the school have had to put up \"with it\" but no one else will for long.

Good to hear that he has resumed sports and that is a positive outlet for him!! I hope he continues to move forward and follow up on the school opportunity.