Not Good News for My Friend

I just talked to the in-laws of my friend Sharon that I mention a week or so ago, that had, what they thought was a stroke.  They have been running tests for over a week now and the test results came back Friday.  She has cancer of the brain.  Sharon and I have been friends for over 50 years.  Her late husband was my lead guitar player in my country/rock band for many years.  We all went to school together since the 7th grade.  They were one year behind me.
Sharon has worked at the local bank here in town as a cashier for many years.  I new her mom and dad and her whole family.  I have invited her to my church for over 2 years and she always promised me she would come but, never has attended.  We placed her on our prayer list the day after she had her first health issues. 
She was working at the bank and just stopped talking.  They called the family and they could not get her to respond so, they called an ambulance, took her to a local hospital and immediately transferred her to a hospital in St. Louis.  Sharon has 2 daughters and a son.  Sharon is 65 years old. bubbly and smiles all the time.  She needs prayer as does her family.