Not feeling too great.

Today's post could be filed away under the heading rant.
Where to start?
OK, a bit of set back today, I haven't been doing much with finding work, I've been trying to get to a place where I can enjoy my bubble before taking on the world.
For so long I've not enjoyed my bubble, and they say a bubble is your comfort zone, well I have gotten to the point where my bubble feels like a noose. I want to get back where I enjoy myself and then have the confidence to do things my way.
So I decided to do some volunteering (because I have no work and no income and my bubble is a bit boring and deflated) and yesterday I was called on so I could go an speak to someone about doing some teaching, perhaps some  I.T for a couple of hours a week.
I was supposed to see someone today about that, this afternoon in fact.
Last night my partners son (who lives with us) is a little demonstrative anyway, starts being cheeky about me downloading stuff on the Internet when he is on his Xbox. And he wrongly believes it causes his games to slow down, even though the bandwidth is split down the middle. It has more to do with ping and latency.
A classic situation of role reversal. He speaks to me and his mother in the most disrespectful way, like he is the parent what you would call a classic moody teen. Most of the time the best option is to ignore him when he acts up and eventually he shuts up.
Well this morning he wakes me up early by making silly noises and banging our bedroom wall from the room adjacent to it, with the intention of getting on our nerves, or my nerves in particular. Then he starts being disrespectful, again.
I'm not the best person in the morning anyway but it would be nice especially that I have anxiety issues and I have this appointment planned for today - it would be nice that people could sometimes be a little considerate, maybe have a happy home, not a negative one.
What with my disturbed sleep and that fact that my mood now is angry,negative, depressed, I cancelled my appointment today. Thinking the way I am now there is no way I can manage to see someone today and pretend my life is rosy and I've much to offer. I know when I think negative that my anxiety is more likely to occur. I don't want to put myself through that today, even though I know I must make some kind of effort to get my life back on track.  
It always happens to me, its sods law, which says if you have anything planned I'm going to throw more stuff at you so you can't handle it, when it rains...
I expect now it will be quiet nothing will happen for ages in the wide-world front until sods law kicks in again.
Bloody F-ing Typical.