not fair

Trying this self-talk and although it's working to some degree - I can't get past the fact that I haven't received a thank you or acknowledgment from the middle school Principal. He was the only one in this school system that has supported me and now I feel he may have abandoned me as well.  
And it isn't fair.  I know I probably embarrassed him because of the way things turned out, but it was beyond my control.  I also know that I probably put him in a awkward position because he's supported me and then --- with the "big wigs" there -- our program flops.  
I sent him an email on Friday apologizing for the way things turned out (not that it's my fault that we had technical difficulties) but that doesn't mean I don't say anything. I also said that, despite my humiliation, I have to keep in mind that this isn't about me.  It's about the kids and families and the message I'm trying to share.  That there is a need.  I didn't say or offer to do the other program in the fall, which is very unfortunate if that's what he decides, because I'm not sure where he stands in this or if he has some other ideas.  The fall program (because we didn't have technical difficulties) was awesome!  In fact, my husband and I attended a workshop on Saturday about addiction, presented by professionals, and I must say what we presented in the fall was not only "right on" but it was done in a much more interesting manner.  
The middle school principal did say to me, shortly after we did the last one we did in October, that he wanted our presentation put on line.  We are almost ready to do that - only have to record our voices.  I hope he'll do that, at least.
The silence is killing me.  Hopefully, he will respond soon.  I hope I get a chance to talk to him.



I think sometimes the spiritual message is that we must continue our work without knowing the outcome. The old \"more will be revealed\" kind of thing. It\'s not the most rewarding one, and therefore, sometimes even more valuable.
I\'m sure that you will continue your good work regardless of the principal\'s feedback, which is the important thing.