Not a bad last 24 hours at all

So I finally got out on the chopper yesterday, after I took a nice jog in the redwoods with my doggie. It was so awesome to be out there on the road. No anxiety at all, wind in my face, etc.  IT was the first time I felt ok to ride since I stopped the meds since I felt SO bad with dizziness, I was nervous to drive, let alone ride my motorcycle.
WE stopped at this bar and met up wtih some friends, I chatted with them no problem, anxiety wasn't even bugging me at all. no  boozing at all.
Came home, I hadn't been sleeping that well the last few nights, last night I took a sleeping pill and got caught up! Slept 12 hrs. Man I Totally needed it.
Gonna get out again on the bike today, maybe work on my tan in this california sun, and take a nap...take it easy, meditate, and appreciate this wonderful labor day weekend.  I am so thankful to these little windows back into anxiety free living, it means I'm seeing progress and my hardwork is paying off.