No progress

At the bottom of this journal entry, it ask you if you have made progress on a goal.  I like that, it does make you think about moving forward eventhough I have not made any progress.  Everyday I try, but to no avail.  I think that I am a good person, but I am overcome with so much sadness right now.  I think that my life will change, but not yet.  I am optimistic about my life.  I am trying to keep a good attitude, but it is not easy.  Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.  Meditation really helps.  I have a visulazation technique that I use to go to sleep at night.  Starting from your toes, visualize breathing relaxing energy into each toe one by one and work your way up from there.  It must work because I have not been past my knees in years.  At least that does tell me that I can still sleep in a very deep sleep.  I sleep so deeply that I have not remembered a dream for a long time.  I do hate having dreams about when I could walk perfectly or not being tired all of the time.  Maybe that is why I am not remembering dreams.



I don\'t have goals anymore. I simply get up, do what I can and no more. I do not always follow this, though.

Then I live the rest of the day with one purpose only--to try to be kind and not hurt anyone in any fashion. I sound nicer than I am, but that is the only thing I think is worthwhile. I do not want to pound myself with: you must exercise, you must lose weight, you must do this or that. I do not want any of that in my