No one cares about me

I have come to the conclusion that no one cares about me. Yes I still live with my ex but he sits on his computer and ignores me and when his son is down friday there will be 2 people sitting here ignoring me. My ex only cares about himself and the only way he cares about something is when it affects him.
My mothers bf and I argued the other night and my mother just took his side but when he isnt there she don't, she hates him so she says but why would she take his side if she do? I'm her daughter shouldn't I mean more to her. Well it seems I am second best to her bf, I am everyones second best. Im falling way below rock bottom here I am thinking about dying again and cutting even though I know I shouldnt, but it's the only way to get release. I don't like the feeling that no one loves me but they are all proving I am just something they have to put up with. I feel trapped. I want to die, or hurt myself real bad. ARRRGH I hate this. No one is there for me Im always there for them, I always try to do things to make people happy but they don't acknowledge it. Im fucked I dont know what to do. Im seeing things in my flat again and things are moving around in front of my eyes. I can't take this anymore.