No More Camping

Well got back from camping yesterday, while I needed the break mentally, doing the camping thing was very hard physically. I just don't think we will do that again soon. My left leg swelled up and hurt's really bad, I can barely walk. Left arm is about worthless, so I feel funny walking around limping hard and my arm held tight against me. The look on my face (per my family) is not a good look, more of a look of a person being tortured. I try to smile relax my face more, but apparently it isn't working very well. So my family gets all upset when we go camping, and my face looks like I am being tortured the whole time (maybe because I am?). This is so sad as going camping was my idea and I was so excited about doing it! Just for it to turn into a torture session for me. My husband agrees, next time we will try getting a hotel room and see if that goes better. So, things are back to normal, house once again looks like a tornado hit and strew camping gear everywhere, still have canning to do, and stuff in piles I got ready to go to good will but didn't get there before leaving for camping. I had all the tomatoes, cucumbers, and jalepeno's done, but now it's three days later and a whole bunch more just came off the vine. My husband was wonderful though, he picked it all and brought it in, and said just let me know when your done and I will pull up the vines to halt production. Well, I am hurting bad, but not done yet. The vines are still producing so I will continue to can up the produce for the winter. However, it is taking everything I have in will power to get the damn things done! That's about it. Today my pain level is up at a 9 or so. I can barely move at all. I spent the day resting with my leg up, hoping tomorrow is a little better so I can get some things done. Even if it's not I will have to, but it would be nice to have a little less pain. I have managed to up the pain killers but so far see little difference. I got some stuff meant for travel sickness from the pharmacist and it is helping with the severe nasea and vomiting from the increased pain pills. Tomorrow I am considering lowering the dose back to where it was and see if I notice any difference at the lower level. If I don't notice a difference I see no reason to take more. I already hate that I take what I am on, and don't want to take more unless it's doing some good. Sadly, I think the left over pain is nerve pain and opoids just don't work very well on that kind of pain. I am trying lexapro, the dr gave me some samples to try and see if it would work. At first I was leary of more medicine in my system, but pain is so bad, figured it's worth a test run to see. Started it yesterday, and so far notice no difference, but it may take a while with this stuff. That's about it, pain, pain and more pain.  



I am DJ52732 and brand new here!

However, I felt compelled to tell you I can totally relate to your \"camping trip\"! Our family consists of my hubby, Max and our beloved small black poodle, Miprezious. We used to cabin all the time before our living \"Hell\" began. Max decided to surprise me for my Memorial Day birthday and rented a cabin for the week, which resulted in open ending date as no one else was wanting the cabin. What a mistake!!

Our neighbors and my part-time Caregiver went ahead and cleaned the cabin before placing our things in the cabin. When all was readied they came back to town to pick Mi and my self up. I have NEVER felt so helpless!!

The cabin had a better handicap ramp and deck than our home has!! I was taken down there placed in this \"box\" and taken fishing every day and I cross stitched all the other times. The neighbor came to check on \"us\" (me) every day while Max went in to town for dialysis. And, while she was there she just \"might as well fix the supper\"!!

Thank God, on the seventh day the neighbors came down for a big Sunday breakfast as we usually have in town. The neighbor who takes care of me when there is no Caregiver available stated she was taking me and Mi back to town and Max could continue to stay if he wished. He wanted to stay at first, however, the idea of two trucks with lots of help to pack up and clean up finally sunk in to him and he decided he had enough also and would go home. We had this place reserved for this coming Labor Day weekend also, but thank God Max cancelled these reservations!!

Camping/Cabining is just too streesful on our already screaming nerve systems!! The pain was excruciating and the fold down futon bed did not come close to the Thermopedic Adjustable at home so I did not even get any rest sleep even!! I take 120 mg. time released Morphine before I even try to get up in the morning. I then have another 60 mg. of this for early evening. And, I have 2mg fast acting morphine tablets that I can take as much as three tablets four times a day!!

Needless to say, I was taking full dosages of pain relief and do not even remember my birthday or much of this trip!! I just have the hundreds of mosquitos and gnat bites all over my body itching and the overall sun burn making the RSD burn even more intense!!

I do not blame you one bit!! Camping is definitely not for a RSD person!!

I hope you get some relief from the increased pain from your efforts!! Please take care of your self before you worry about those tomatoes!!