No medication !

I have decided going without medication aint' a good idea. Ordered a repeat prescription but then forgot to collect it on Thursday (despite us going up there for Jane's meds, forgot mine!).  So thursday night only took 200mg instead of 300mg, friday night nothing, saturday night nothing, sunday night nothing, tonight will take nothing and then Tuesday I'll be able to go and get my meds.  Everything was fine at the start of the weekend, thought hey I can do this, maybe i'll be able to manage off my medication for a chance.  Today things start going down, getting really stressed over the slightest thing.  Went for a KFC and couldn't park anywhere so Jane went in to get it while I drove around and around and around the car park, got sooooo stressed started hitting myself and biting my hand, first time i've done that in a long time.   Got to keep it together especially tomorrow as Jane is going in for her operation on her shoulder and is going to be stressed, could be fun.  I officially hate bank holiday weekends now, if it wasn't for Easter I would of been able to collect my medication on Friday.  Oh well just got to get through today, tomorrow and then probably another couple of days before it all kicks back in again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let this be a lesson for all of you out there on medication especially anti-depressants.